Today we spotlight another one of our favorite wedding pros: Amie Decker of Amie Decker Beauty! Amie is the owner and lead makeup artist at Amie Decker Beauty. She and the rest of the beauty team specialize in making brides look amazing on their special day! Ready to meet Amie? Let's get started!

How did you get started in the wedding business? I have always been drawn to visual arts and remember coloring, drawing and painting faces were always my favorites as a young girl. It wasn’t until after I finished college and was working full time in a completely different field, that one of my friends asked if I would do her makeup for her wedding, simply because she liked how I did my own. It took that one wedding and I was hooked. I then attended cosmetology school, started my business and the rest is history.

What do you do when you are not working? My two daughters and husband keep me very busy. When I am not backstage at a fashion show or in a suite with a bridal party I am usually at soccer practice, volunteering in Kindergarten or having a much needed date with my husband.

How would you describe your approach to weddings? I approach weddings as a collaboration with the bride. I communicate my expertise when it comes to makeup and hair but ultimately the bride is the one who needs to be thrilled with her look, not me. I want the bride to feel the most beautiful of her life and it is my job to assist her in making that happen. I also try and make sure the experience is pleasant for everyone involved, from flower girls to photographers.

What inspires you in your work? Beauty! I am inspired by nature, a beautiful voice, a woman’s best feature, a beautiful gown. Really, anything beautiful sparks my creativity. What do you find the most rewarding about your job? My team teases me about my obsession with the “big reveal.” I love that moment when I get to reveal the makeup and see the look on my client’s face. It’s sometimes a look of relief, sometimes shock, sometimes pure joy, but mostly gratitude. Gratitude that I brought out that glow, that radiance and that beauty they want to show. Then they usually ask if they can take me home with them.

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about you or your business? We are not miracle workers. Though some people claim that I am :) For example, if someone’s hair doesn’t hold a curl but they want to wear in down with loose curls on a humid day in July, we cannot make it miraculously hold. I do not possess magic lip gloss, if you are kissing and eating and drinking, you will need to reapply your lip color. ECT :) What do you think sets your company apart from other hair and makeup artists? We think it is very important to bring out a woman’s individual style and uniqueness through hair and makeup. We like to say “no cookie cutter brides.” Every look we create is really catered to the bride and her needs—not what someone else has deemed “bridal.” We are also told all the time that having us pampering you on the wedding day feels like having a group of your best friends with you. Everyone on the team is very different from each other; however, we all have a fun yet calming personality. We work quickly yet are exceptional at paying attention to detail. And we really do LOVE weddings and care about our clients.

What do you love about weddings? I love the hope and excitement at weddings; The radiance of a bride on her wedding day; The way the father of the bride looks at his little girl in her white dress; Hearing couples stories of how they met and fell in love; And I love that I get to spend the precious time leading up to the marriage right along with a bride’s most cherished friends and family. It is such a honor :)

What do you hate about weddings? Unrealistic expectations

What is the coolest thing you've ever seen at a wedding? Just recently I was at a wedding where they built a butterfly garden and they imported 500 exotic butterflies for the garden. That was pretty cool :)

What's the best piece of advice you can give to couples planning a wedding? Let this experience be fun! Hire vendors you can trust and will enjoy spending the day with. Gather advice from others but go with your gut and do what’s right for you. And keep in mind that what really matters is that at the end of the day you will be married to the love of your life.

Who is your favorite artist or band? Such a tough question, I like all genres of music and I will choose what to listen to based on my mood like most people I suppose. Right now my most favorite Pandora station is Imagine Dragons, it plays a lot of Mumford and Sons, Phillip Philips and Florence and the Machine. But I am also a sucker for Michael Buble and Taylor Swift (don’t judge).

What is the worst song of all time? True by Spandau Ballet, I cringe just listening to the intro Open mic, final thoughts:

...thanks again! :)

Thanks for chatting with us Amie!