We've been a part of so many amazing weddings so far this season and we've only just begun! Earlier this month Anthony Simpson provided the soundtrack for Jess and Geoff's wedding - here's a few words from him about their big day:

Jess and Geoff had a beautifully quaint wedding out at the lovely Combsberry Inn out near St. Michaels, MD.  They did their ceremony out by the water, walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of "Bittersweet Symphony."  Then they moved into the barn for their reception.

The BBQ buffet was amazing, Flying Fork Catering did a wonderful job!  Jess and Geoff have very diverse musical tastes, their first dance was to the country tune "Who I Am With You" by Chris Young, and sticking with that theme they opened up the dance floor with Cole Swindell's "Wish You Were Here", dedicating that song to all family and friends who have passed.   They also really love some motown, 80's hits, indie rock and top 40 dance music from today (Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Fifth Harmony, etc.)

Two things that really made this wedding unique: they allowed the bride and groom's dogs to run free around the barn the last hour or so (the one dog had a bow tie on!!).  Also the bride's brother spoke about how he runs a non-profit where people fill out post cards with random messages that he then sends all over the world, mostly to children hospitals and wounded vets; he provided the post cards and paid for postage.  We all filled out a card (myself included!), and took a group photo holding them up at the end of the reception.  It was a very nice gesture of love to cap off such a wonderful day!