Who We Are

MyDeejay was founded in 2003 with three simple goals: be different, be consistent, be the best. (Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much.)

At the time MyDeejay was formed, the "DJ landscape" was very different - lots of tacky equipment setups, cheesy props, and overbearing emcees. The way clients were treated was different, too. At that time, many DJ companies were relying on the hard sell: taking advantage of clients who didn't know what to ask, charging arbitrary rates based on what clients could be convinced to pay, and using a lot of smoke and mirrors to get clients to sign. It was clear there was a better business model out there, and we knew we could create it.

We set out to do something different - to create a new kind of DJ company. A company that treats people with respect (for their tastes and preferences, their time, and their intelligence). A company that shares its clients' enthusiasm for music and for their events, and that is committed to fulfilling every promise. A company that does business the right way, with every client, for every single event.

Our company has grown quite a bit since we launched, but our mission remains the same: to be the best DJ company possible. We'll never settle for what's always worked; we'll never become complacent or say something is "good enough." No matter how many industry awards and amazing reviews we receive, we'll never stop striving to be even better.

As the co-founder and president of MyDeejay, I continue to own and operate this company, and I have my hands in everything. My team and I are committed to running this business the way it should be done: with transparency, integrity, and reliability. We provide great customer service and great DJs delivering great performances every weekend.

We won't try to convince you that we're the only DJ in town worth considering. It wouldn't be the truth. What matters to us is that every couple finds the DJ that is perfect for them. We love what we do, and we're lucky to do it. It's not about ego for us. Quite the opposite, actually - it's our humility, and our gratitude for our clients, that inspire us every day.

I hope that you'll take some time to read through our website, and that you'll consider engaging MyDeejay for your event. My team and I wish you all the best in your planning and we'd love to hear from you soon!



Jennifer Reitmeyer, President

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