Outstanding Service from the Best Wedding DJs in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

MyDeejay is a professional wedding DJ firm serving the Baltimore, Maryland / Washington, DC / Northern Virginia metro area, as well as Annapolis and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Our experienced wedding disc jockeys provide the highest-quality performances at some of the most outstanding wedding locations in the area.

At MyDeejay, we pride ourselves on being completely different than every other DJ company in the industry. We’re different in the way we approach weddings, the way we treat our clients, and the values and philosophy by which we operate and the promises we make to our customers. Simply put, we believe in doing business the right way.

Award-winning wedding DJ in Baltimore, MD

Our company is the proud recipient of many awards for our outstanding DJ services, and our weddings are frequently featured in national and local magazines and media – including in Baltimore, Maryland. However, the most important accolades we receive are the thank-you notes from our satisfied clients, many of whom continue to recommend MyDeejay.com for years after their wedding.

A pioneer in green weddings, MyDeejay also fully supports GLBT weddings and the right of every couple to legally marry. Our website features an active blog, as well as wedding planning advice and advice on choosing a wedding DJ.

Experienced wedding disc jockeys in Washington, DC

Our exclusive roster of experienced wedding specialists demonstrate creativity and artistry at every event — we’re passionate about music, and it shows. Our clients tend to be smart consumers, often from the Washington, DC area, who want to make the best decision possible when selecting a wedding DJ. Our understated style is perfect for couples who love music and who value the versatility of a DJ, but also want to host an elegant wedding reception. We work closely with you to understand your unique music tastes, and we promise to respect and honor those tastes on your wedding day. Your favorite songs will be expertly mixed on professional-grade equipment, to ensure a memorable time for all of your guests.

International wedding DJ in Northern Virginia

Our extensive performing experience and comprehensive music collection has set MyDeejay apart from other companies as a true specialist in international weddings. We lend our DJ skills to many multicultural weddings each year, often in Northern Virginia, where different styles and genres of music must be seamlessly mixed with American hits. Our disc jockeys have extensive experience performing for Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Middle Eastern and Persian weddings, East Asian weddings, Latin American weddings, and a host of other ethnic and cultural groups. We are able to easily accommodate even the most challenging of weddings and create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Serving the entire Baltimore / Washington, DC metropolitan area, MyDeejay has earned an impeccable reputation by delivering exactly what we promise: personal, professional, perfect service, every time, guaranteed.