Bayside Bride logoWhile we love each and every one of the Washington DC weddings we do, we have to say we have a special appreciation for Annapolis weddings as they really take advantage of the area's stunning seaside beauty and accentuate everything that makes Maryland a great place to live! That's why we were excited to see an Annapolis wedding we did a few weeks back featured on Bayside Bride!

Our own Ari Janjikian really enjoyed DJing this fantastic wedding for recent Naval Academy graduates Alex and John, who got married at Trinity United Methodist Church on West Street in Annapolis just days after graduation. "Alex and John's wedding was truly a fun event to DJ," he said. "There was a fun and energetic vibe felt throughout the evening. The guests were up and dancing from the first song to the last dance."

That's what we love to hear!

You can see more photos via Melissa Barrick Photography.

Congratulations to Alex and John, here's to many happy years ahead for the two of you!