pic credit: From the Hip Photo

Now we have officially seen it all.

With the help of social bookmarking tool StumbleUpon, 26-year-old Ty Hartman proposed to his girlfriend Marquita. The couple does not have a TV, and (like this humble writer and her boyfriend) share a love of Stumbling through the Internet abyss. When the idea came to him back in August, Ty reached out to the StumbleUpon team with his strange request. “I’m exploring ways to propose to my beautiful girlfriend and I think I have finally thought of something worth while," he wrote them, with the hope that they would hijack Marquita's account to display his hand-crafted proposal.

Via From the Hip, the photographers who captured Ty's message for his will-be wife:

Ty was trying to think up a clever way to pop the question to his girlfriend, Marquita, when he stumbled upon the idea to do it via… StumbleUpon. The pair have a penchant for browsing the web via the social bookmarking service, which offers up random selections from across the web based on a user’s preferences. (We are actually big Stumblers, too, so we loved this idea!)

He wanted to create a web page with a series of photographs that would spell out his proposal and then have Marquita “randomly” Stumble the page. When Ty contacted the folks at StumbleUpon to see if they could engineer a tweak to deliver the page to his girlfriend at a specific date and time he was delighted to hear that they in [sic] to help him pop the question.

Of course he got it all on video.

Yes, he totally dropped the ring but that didn't stop his girlfriend from bawling her eyes out and asking him "how are you paying for this?" after careful, teary-eyed analysis of her new engagement ring.


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