Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! Because we've been knee-deep in love songs since a week ago, we wanted to share some of our friends' favorite love songs, not to mention some of our own. Cuddle up with the one you love and get comfortable, it's time to get acquainted with some great lovey-dovey tunes! Arioth Harrison, Decatur House: “I Like It, El DeBarge – what lady wouldn’t LOVE to hear those words from her man?”

Teresa Lee, Rex & Regina: “I’m in the Mood for Love, Ella Fitzgerald – I love listening to Ella’s timeless music and this upbeat song is a great example of why.”

Jayne Havens, Occasions Caterers: “Alright, Darius Rucker – my husband Jonathan surprised me and sang that song to me at our wedding in front of 340 guests!  He did such a great job, and now whenever I hear that song it reminds me of the best day of my life!”

Rebecca Dick, Blue Canary Events: "You Are the Best Thing, Ray Lamontagne - I love that it's very typical of a couple; you come home after a long day, and you just need to be with the one you love, even if it's just to sit on the couch and put your head on their shoulder...that's a real, long lasting love."

Kate Headley, Fine Art Wedding Photographer: “Cosmic Love, Florence and the Machine – it’s just whimsical and magical and one of my favorite songs of all time.”

Susan Hornyak, Susan Hornyak Photography: “Roll Um Easy, Lowell George – because it is simply the most beautiful song to remain in my head since I first heard it over 30 years ago.”

Allison Manning, Hotel Monaco Alexandria: “Turn Me On, Norah Jones – one of the first songs I heard with my husband.”

Michael Connor, Connor Studios: “Let’s Stay Together, Al Green – I danced in the desert to this, surrounded by our closest friends and family for the first dance on our wedding day.”

Eric Hertsch, John Farr Lighting Design: “She Said Yes, Chad Brock – it’s a very happy and optimistic song.”

Jessica Piscitelli, Jessica Pi Productions: “In This Heart, Sinead O’Connor – the lyrics are beautiful and soft and the singing makes you think of being held by the person you love.”

Kat Philgreen, Truffles Catering at the Belvedere: “The Luckiest, Ben Folds – because it’s awesome.” (and it was her first dance at her wedding, too!)

Haynal Papp, Dolce Studio Films: “Say Hey (I Love You), Michael Franti & Spearhead – I love this song because it’s fun, energetic, youthful and makes you feel happy no matter what (and isn’t that just what falling in love feels like?)!  It’s a great song to use in wedding videos too – I love how it feels like a party!”

Rebecca Henry, Petal’s Edge Floral Design: “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-La, The Beatles – it’s just a sweet, happy, funny, upbeat song and just reminds me of the simplicity of love.”

Amie Otto, Amie Otto Photography: “This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody), The Talking Heads – it’s the best love song ever – it’s about what really matters.”

Geoff Chesman, Geoff Chesman Visuals: “Ribbon in the Sky, Stevie Wonder – our wedding song; we were just friends for a long time before we got together…seemed the perfect song for us.”

Maria Canellis, Meridian House: “Just Like Heaven, The Cure – whenever I hear it, it makes me happy.”

Jennifer Cody, Egomedia Photography: “I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie – I like it because of the way it addresses carrying a love story beyond this world and into the next.”

Katie Martin, Elegance & Simplicity: “Mi Sol, Jesse & Joy – it was the song in our wedding ceremony, it’s in Spanish and it is a song I sing to my husband from time to time.  Makes me cry every time!   My favorite English love song is I Was Made For You, Martin Page – he is one of the most amazing singer/songwriters and I love this song as both my husband Miguel and I talk about how we both feel God made us for each other specifically.”

Pavaune Pearson, Invited Special Events: “Forever, Ben Harper – it’s a song that exemplifies what it truly means to love someone with all your heart, a love knowing no limits.  Can’t beat that.”

Sidra Forman, Sidra Forman Flowers: “Polkadots and Moonbeams, Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen (Cassandra Wilson’s version) – love it, for sentimental reasons!”

John Farr, John Farr Lighting Design: “Cross My Heart, George Strait – it speaks right to your heart and makes all your dreams come true.”

Terri Eaves, BASH: “These Arms of Mine, Otis Redding – I made a baby mix and this happened to be playing the first time I held my (now one-year-old) daughter.”

Brianna Alcorn, Windows Catering Company: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – one of the greatest love songs of all, written by my grandfather, Bob Gaudio, original member of the Four Seasons.  We danced to this song on my wedding day on October 8, 2011.”

Andrea Jacobson, The Observatory: “Once Upon a Dream from Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ – this song is a whimsical childhood favorite that’s also great for a waltz.  If I selected a more modern love song it would be anything by Adele. Can’t resist her voice, but most of her songs are about heartbreak and love lost so maybe they’re not the best suited for Valentine’s Day!”

Kendall Barrett, Kendall’s Cakes: “Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison – I love it because it has a soft, tender groove and sweet lyrics.  I even named my most popular wedding cake flavor after it!  My second favorite is You Send Me by Sam Cooke.  My brother-in-law sang it to Randy and me at our wedding 22 years ago.”

Amy Raab, Amy Raab Photography: “Someone Like You, Van Morrison – one of my favorite romantic poets.  It perfectly explains the feeling you get when you know you’ve found ‘the one.’  Plus, a few of my favorite couples have chosen this for their first dance, and it always brings back great memories of their wedding day!”

Laura Ritchie and Megan Pollard, Events in the City: “Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap – so many of the great love songs for weddings have been played over and over and we find that sometimes guests tune out.  This song not only is beautiful and has thoughtful lyrics but is different and unique.”

Jennifer Domenick, Love Life Images: “Better Together, Jack Johnson – because there is nothing better in this whole world than being with my husband and our three boys.  Whenever this song comes on, my husband sings it to me.  Sigh, love.”

Amber Karson, Amber Karson Events: “Wonderful World, Sam Cooke – play any Sam Cooke song and you’ll want to grab the one you love and dance!  This timeless song is my favorite and was our wedding first dance song!”

Ashlee Wilcox, Documentary Associates: “My Dear Someone, Gillian Welch – it has a very sweet, vintage sound, and the lyrics tell a great story for people young and old.  It’s my husband Tom’s and my song, and we sang it to our son when he was born!”

Missy Groppel, Dumbarton House: “Love is Here to Stay, Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – this beautiful Louis and Ella duet is a favorite because it is about real, true love that is built to last.”

Amy Deputy, Amy Deputy Photography: “All You Need is Love, The Beatles – ‘Love is all you need’ sums it up for me.”

Tom Trainor, Suburban Video: “The Luckiest, Ben Folds – it tells such a beautiful story and it’s a very unique love song.”

Deb Lindsey, Deb Lindsey Photography: "Have a Little Faith In Me, John Hiatt - it reminds me of my husband and our early time together and it just makes me cry every time."

Rodney Bailey, Wedding Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey: “Come Away With Me, Norah Jones – this is the song that my wife, wedding planner Darcy Romano, and I used as our first dance, as well as the theme to our destination wedding in St. Croix.  Second favorite is Marry Me by Train – what a great song!  I documented Train performing this song at an event and loved it ever since.  In fact, I was just dancing with my 5-year-old daughter to this song yesterday.  She found Marry Me on my iPhone, pushed play and asked me to dance.  It doesn’t get better than that!”

Martha Peterson, R&R Catering: “I Will, The Beatles – because it’s not a conventional wedding song, yet still captures the heqart of anyone who hears it!”

Dianna Gilbert, R&R Catering: “I Belong To You, Lenny Kravitz – because the title says it all.”

Rachael Lincoln, R&R Catering: “Come Away With Me, Norah Jones – definitely one of my top favorites! Perfect little love ballad.” Vivian Portell, R&R Catering: “Peaches & Herb, Reunited – the 8-track version!”

Jenn Rozelle, R&R Catering: “I Feel Good, James Brown – you can feel his energy and enthusiasm in each word and you can’t help but tap your foot or break into dance moves when you hear this song.”

Tonya Davis, Blue Sky Films: “The Luckiest, Ben Folds – that song really makes me want to cry!  I love the piano and the lyrics, and how he talks about how he would still recognize her if they were born in a different time.  Aww…gets me right in the heart!  It makes me think of the love that I have for my husband.  I love it when clients use The Luckiest in their wedding videos too!  It’s a wonderful song to use with the Getting Ready portion of the video and with old movie film like Super 8 or 16mm.  It’s such a timeless song just like old film.”

Of course, we couldn’t possibly publish a list of the best love songs ever performed without including our team!  Here’s what a few of MyDeejay’s finest had to say…

Van Petty: "Let's Stay Together, Al Green - I've always liked this song so my wife and I decided to use it as our first dance at our wedding reception. It was a good choice, we've stayed together!"

Jeff Furnas: “Digital Love, Daft Punk – it’s your typical love song crossed up with an atypical, super fun, upbeat house track; it’s danceable, and it’s something I’ve never seen a bride and groom do (yet)!”

Michael Bell: “Remember the Mountain Bed, Wilco & Billy Bragg – it’s such a beautiful narrative, and every word in that song speaks directly to my life except for the part at the end when he has a wife and child.  It’s about the kind of love that once it happens can never die or even fade really, you just might not get to be with that person every day still.  It’s about the one that you got to have, but maybe also had to give away.”

Sean Johnson: “Like a Star, Corinne Bailey Rae – there is something in this song that really makes you feel the sincerity in every note and every word.”

Jennifer Reitmeyer: “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, Otis Redding – this has to be one of the most soulful and emotional songs ever performed, and I like how it frames love as a long arc that grows over time.  I couldn’t choose just one song, though; the other is Such Great Heights, the Iron & Wine version specifically – I remember how, from the time I first met my husband, it really felt as though we were existing in some kind of separate reality from everyone else we knew, like we were looking out at the rest of the world together from inside our own little bubble.  How cheesy is that?!  I do think we’ve created some pretty incredible things together since then, and he’s my partner in every sense of the word.”

Adrienne Gonzalez: "Eve Apple of My Eye, Bell x1 - if you read the lyrics, it's actually kind of a sad song but when I first met my boyfriend, we lived on opposite sides of the country. We've been keeping a running playlist we share with each other since then (over 400 songs after almost 3 years!) and once he sent me this song, it instantly became 'our song.' The raw emotion in Paul Noonan's voice is almost overwhelming, you can't listen to this song without feeling it down to the bone.

Juan Leon: “Nothing Can Stop Us Now (Richard X Remix), Saint Etienne – I love this because of the pop perfection, because it’s a collaboration between two of my fave artists, and because the lyrics are tenderly insightful.”

Brian Jones: “This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody), Talking Heads – this is one of my favorite songs in general, but it’s absolutely one of the best love songs of all time.  It does away with all the cheese and clichés of most love songs and offers up some realists, yet just as beautiful, aspects of modern love.”

Evan Reitmeyer: “Angels, Robin Thicke – it’s lyrically perfect in a ‘present moment’ sort of way.  It expresses the momentary burning immediacy of love.”

For your listening pleasure, we compiled many of the songs listed above into a handy-dandy YouTube playlist...enjoy!